I didn’t start out wanting to be a stepmom. But poof, here I am! Testing this page to see if I can make this work…..

img_20170522_210247_382.jpgSuch and such an entry

May 20, 2017

First few lines to test.


With stepmoms, Disney got it wrong

May 13, 2017

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and I’m not a mom.

I never wanted to be a mom, actually. Girlfriend? Yes. Wife someday? Absolutely. But mom? No thanks.


In the beginning, there was the crayon.

As a kid, I don’t know that my creations could quite have qualified as “fine art.” But it was that early friendship with pencils and paint, and yes, even the crayon, that originally sparked my love of design.

I always wanted to be an artist “when I grew up.” And unlike most starry-eyed plans of childhood, that dream has actually come true.




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