let’s try this again

My daily mission, should I choose to accept it: Wake up. Seek coffee. Draw more.

Facebook ads.

If you ever dare show even a REMOTE interest in something that pops up on your newsfeed, good luck. That ad will not leave you alone ever again. Ever. For the rest of eternity.

I’ve made that mistake a few times. (Thank you, no, I swear I really don’t want that cheap dress that will fit me like a plastic bag hung over a mailbox. Please leave me alone.) But recently, there’s been one ad that I told myself I’d get around to actually trying someday.
It’s basically an online school, a bunch of video classes taught by professionals in their field. Including art stuff.

A lot of art stuff.

Usually the ad touts a one-month free trial for new subscribers. But last week, glory be, it offered TWO months. Two months free, of all sorts of graphic design, marketing, illustration classes and a bunch more. Okay, fine. Sold. Sign me up.

My art partner who doubles as my inspiration and source material. Well, one of them, anyway.

I’ve listened to a few classes so far, and if nothing else, it’s inspirational. Seeing what all these designers have done and the successes they’ve had, made me want to refocus on my art, and how it’s important to me. And also maybe, just maybe, to branch out a little beyond my comfort zone.

For the past few months, my primary artistic outlet has been illustrating for my stepmomming column — which is great, and keeps me drawing, but I want to do more.
So I’m writing this blog today, to try to get back into a routine. Maybe I can post more. Maybe I can draw more. Maybe I can even market my drawings to be a side hustle. Who knows.

But I’m gonna set some goals, and I’m gonna try to stick to them.

It’s too late in 2018 to be a New Year’s resolution, but it’s never to late to make a personal resolution.

Life is what you make it. I’m gonna see what I can make mine.

I meant that to be an iced coffee but I guess it could be any chilly beverage. (I’m just personally partial to the caffeinated variety)



And now for something completely different…

Soundtrack to my morning 🙂 (Particularly loving the “Daylight” track!)

musical nature

PROFILE-PHOTO-022317-em_thumb.jpgI don’t always do ambient. Sometimes I fool around a bit, and create something completely out of the ambient/ambient house/experimental genres. I guess this could be considered experimental for me, but, I got my start decades ago DJ’ing… so this kind of thing brings me back to those days a bit.

And now I give you, a few tracks from the Torchwood Archive.

Give them a listen, and let me know what you think!

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sketchbook: an excuse to draw at work

Rain put a damper on most of May and June this year.

I blame my friend Marc for getting me into trouble a lot.

And almost always, that trouble involves an extra project at the newspaper we work at. Luckily, said projects tend to fall into the “brilliant and mostly fun” category.

This time, though, I did it to myself. I was the one who asked my boss if I could draw editorial cartoons for the paper.

Marc, however, has done his part to hold me to that. He writes the editorials, I draw the pictures to go with them. When I got back from the honeymoon, I had it in my mind to slack off for a bit, but nope! Marc manages to regularly find his way over to my desk and ask if I maybe have any free time to illustrate.

“I’m not your boss, I can’t make you do things, so you tell me if you don’t have time,” he says.

Sometimes I do tell him I can’t. But usually, I try. Hey, it gives me an excuse to draw while I’m at work — there’s no downside here.

So here’s a little backlog of the edtoons from the past few weeks. They make more sense when accompanying the editorial they were meant to run alongside, but I hope they stand on their own too, at least a little.

(Oh and a little fun fact – my signature changes between two last names, because the wedding happened in the middle 🙂 )

sketchbook: i’ve gone missing

img_20170530_191707_095.jpgWedding. Honeymoon. Editorial cartoons. A weekly stepmomming column. Illustrations for said column. Designer of the Year. Custom illustration commission.


There’s been whole a lot of art things (and non-art things) happening, alongside a whole lot of slacking. I’ll try to write in here some more, if for no other reason than to vent and focus my art-related thoughts. Which I guess boil down to primarily this: If I could spend all my time traveling, and illustrating, I’d be quite happy.

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Album Review of Eavesdropping by Candice Michelle of Journeyscapes

A reviewer took a look at my husband’s music, and she liked what she heard 🙂

“Eavesdropping is especially recommended for fans of any of the aforementioned artists, as well as those who appreciate continually innovative and cutting edge styles of electronic music.” 🙂

musical nature


In case you missed it, on June 11th, Candice Michelle of Journeyscapes posted a wonderful review of Eavesdropping! Click here to read the review there, or, read it below.

June 11, 2017

Musical Nature is the recording alias of Rhode Island based electronic music composer Geoff Varosky. His latest album, Eavesdropping, features six compositions varying in length from seven to under nine-and-a-half minutes, which notably draw upon the ambient-techno style of music pioneered in the early 1990’s by electronica bands like The Orb and The Future Sound of London. Interweaving what could be described as free-floating background and foreground layers of synthesized textures and environmental field recordings, experimental beats and industrial nuances frequently lend both an edgy crunchiness and contrasting bit of chaos throughout.

The opening piece, “Common Code”, is also the album’s most dreamy and minimal number, characterized by echoing environmental textures comprised of hollowed metallic…

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wedding: brushes, and a then-boyfriend, now-fiance, almost-husband

blg-weirdnessI have a bad habit of buying stuff that I never end up using. Clothes. Gadgets. Rosetta Stone Spanish (I’ll get to that SOMEDAY Jessie! Promise!).

And a set of bamboo ink brushes. I got them sometime during my senior year of college.

That was seven years ago.

All this time, those brushes have sat, still in the packaging, in my art drawer. They moved with me from my parents’ house, to my first apartment, to my boyfriend’s house, to the apartment I now share with that then-boyfriend, now-fiance, almost-husband.

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31 Days of Ambience

My amazing fiance (and music-maker!) has a new project idea ❤ All the musics 🙂 What do you think of this?

musical nature


In an effort to create more… I came up with the idea to take a month to generate some sort of ambient music each day and release it to the world. Be it a minute, be it an hour… to produce some piece of music on a daily basis for an entire month.

What would you, my few followers, think of this? Would you listen? Would you want to get the collection of this afterwards? Would you want to have this as a resource to use in your own music?

Let me know. Planning on July to start doing this… more updates to come.

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sketchbook: my first *actual* book cover

Dion Trumpin book (2)
I bought the book!

There are some coworkers you collaborate well with.

One such person I know would insist I rephrase that as: “coworkers you collab well with.”

Because he might not actually be a hipster, but by golly he’ll talk like one. (totes ironically, though.)

Enter Marc Munroe Dion, stage left. Or stage right. I’m really not sure which direction he’s gonna come from, most days. But whichever direction or angle he does come from, it usually turns into a fantastic project idea.

He turned up with a fantastic project idea even when I was stuck at home recovering from back surgery a few months ago.

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